About us.

Craveable Support is your one stop shop for any Technology related issue or service request you may have. There are around 30 of us here in Sydney, Perth and the Philippines, all working hard, having fun and taking our brands and restaurants into the future while adapting to whatever comes our way. Ensuring our brands are at the forefront of technology is at the core of what we do. Which means thinking big, thinking fast – and doing both every day.

62% resolved on first contact

0.48% incident reopen rate

93,741 closed tickets

1:10 avg Speed to Answer

44.31 Net Promoter Score

Who are we?

Tech Support

Our front line support team are at the forefront of everything tech. A team of 9 super nerds who look after support for RSC and restaurants

Infrastructure & Security

Our super nerds dedicated to fighting off attacks and unauthorised access for our RSC and Restaurants.


The Digital Team are responsible for everything digital. Emails campaigns, SMS, customer analytics, to name a few

Applications & Compliance

This SWAT Team of data specialists maintain our POS, delivery menu and national deployments. You will find this Team burning the midnight oil for POS go-lives.


These guys are the nuts and bolts behind order.redrooster.com.au The team are responsible for site improvement and are key to operate our delivery network


Our steering committee for everything tech. Our Heads of department and Managers who steer the ship

8:30 – 01:00 EDT,  7 days a week