POS Maintenance and Requests

The Craveable Support Team are your point of call for all support related incidents and service requests, we also have a dedicated Team responsible for the data input and integrity for our POS and OLO environments. Below is the process to request a change for any Menu, Pricing, Zones, Products and every other change in between.

We have three types of POSM requests. Minor, Standard and Major – all have been outlined below with process and timelines depending on the type of change.

Technology Change Lockout Period

Hi all,

I would like to officially advise of our Restaurant lockout period commencing the 7th December 2018 until the 7th January 2019 (last submission 23rd November). This lockout period is designed to ensure the business over busy trading periods remain stable with minimal to no disruption, especially during periods where office support teams are limited over of the Christmas / New Year periods.  It’s a time where restaurants and the operations team require all their systems, equipment and resources to be humming. The lockout period is not designed to be a business inhibiter that shackles any necessary restaurant activations or marketing plans, however early notification encourages all of us to be as organised as possible ensuing we limit in restaurant disruptions.

During Lockout it does not mean new menu items, pricing and initiatives cannot be activated, all we ask is that prior to the 23rd November all requirements are briefed into the normal process allowing us time to develop, QA and implement the changes in the restaurants prior to the 7th Dec.  These changes will then be live and activated ready for the actual launch/commencement over the lockout period. For changes going live in the first 2 weeks of 2019, they will also need to be submitted prior to the 7th December 2018.

Team we are here to help and accommodate requests and will never hinder the great work, energy and plans of the business.  If these dates do not work for you or your teams, please reach out to myself directly, we welcome the questions and discussions and together will work on an appropriate solution.

Tyler Mason 


7 Days*
  • 1 Week Lead Time for Deployment
  • Local Store UAT on Day
  • Minor Risk involved
Minor changes are low impact and low risk to our network. The types of changes must not impact more then 2 stores. For example a workstation class change or zone move.

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14 Days*
  • 2 Week Lead Time for Deployment
  • 4 Business Days for UAT
  • UAT Completion 2 days before go live
Standard changes are medium impact and medium risk to our network. These changes typically require some investigation or review. For example new menu items or a pricing increase for 2 zones

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28 Days*
  • 4 Week Lead Time for Deployment
  • 5 Business Days for UAT
  • UAT Completion 2 days before go live
Major changes are high impact and high risk to our network. These requests must be completed and reviewed as they are complex in nature. Typically major zone changes or new a promotion across all stores.

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The Fine Print.

Business days only (Monday to Friday) Can be submitted between the 5th Jan – 21st Nov every year*

Any Changes after Submission will need approval and may involve a change to UAT or Deployment schedules for that submission*

Deployment dates to be only within Tuesday to Thursday

If UAT sign off is not completed with the final 2 days of the UAT period then the deployment date will be reviewed/moved*

Meet Rhean.

Hi. I’m Rhean! I’m the POS maintenance guru who sits behind this form and does the back end work to make your submission successful. Once you hit submit on the above form, I begin work behind the scenes from building to testing, all the way to deploying over night.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a posm request, feel free to contact me on 1800 44 66 78 (ask for me)


At any time throughout the request, or should you need to expedite the process, a Service Delivery Manager is available to assist.

Escalation 1:

Joshua Kitson – Data Team Lead

+618 9240 9706 | +61407 983 284

Escalation 2:

Tyler Mason – Service Delivery

+612 7909 5240 | +61450 246 009


Minimum 2 weeks (standard)*


Minimum 2 weeks (standard)*


Minimum 2 weeks (standard)*


Any type of request accepted*