Support Escalations

If you experience a problem, or you’re dissatisfied in any way, it’s important we hear about it. The fastest way to have the problem resolved is speak with our Escalation Lead who will investigate the incident with most complaints being resolved within a few days.

We have a dedicated incident management process which is outlined below.

Make a complaint

How it works.

1. Gather all related emails and documentation with names, times and dates to explain your complaint.

2. Tell us about your complaint using the escalation form to your right. Your complaint will then be submitted directly to the Service Delivery Team to review and assign a case owner.

3. We will acknowledge your complaint and give you a reference number.

4. Once a case has been assigned, a case Manager or the Service Delivery Manager will make contact with you directly to work through the case.

Speak to a Human

If you have not yet logged a case please do so by using Live Chat or calling 1800 44 66 78